The acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface and it’s a way how servers can communicate between themselves. Please see the bellow video that explains in human terms what’s an API.




Currently, the ALIVE Platform offers several APIs which can be integrated into your external systems. Below you can find brief description and also full documentation for the APIs. Issued Cards Import API This API can be useful for External Issuers. The External issuers issue cards completely on their own (they take serial numbers assigned to them in NCDB) and into NCDB, they basically only report which cards have been issued. See full documentation See the course how to use this API   NCDB Orders API This API was designed for Card Issuers that place an order into NCDB. Through the API, a card order for one or more Cardholders can be created. After the final request is finished, the order in placed in „Ordered“ status into NCDB, where it can be further processed, sent to production etc. by an ER user (Ecxlusive Representative). See full documentation See the course how to use this API   Individual Online Orders API API for placing individual card orders. Card orders can be displayed in Online Ordering administration, with all uploaded documents and possibly also in „Paid“ status. In the administration, card orders have to be approved manually and exported into NCDB. See full documentation See the course how to use this API   ISIC Check API API for checking whether a card is valid and a discount (in Discount Manager) can be used for specified Cardholder, regarding all restrictions set up. The API checks all cards within NCDB and in case they are not stored in NCDB, they are searched for in CCDB. This happens for cards that have been issued outside the ALIVE Platform. See full documentation   Haven’t you found the answer for your business case in the documentation or in our courses? Feel free to contact us at support@aliveplatform.com.